Today Nifty Prediction and Elliott Wave Insights for Accurate Analysis 10 August

In the ever-evolving landscape of global finance, staying informed about market trends and deciphering intricate technical indicators is paramount for investors and traders. Recent shifts in the Asian markets have drawn significant attention due to their downward trajectory. Meanwhile, India’s stock market index, the Nifty, has demonstrated intriguing patterns. In this extensive article, we will meticulously dissect the present market dynamics, delve into the implications of RBI’s repo rate decision, and explore the potential trajectories of the Nifty’s performance through technical analysis and also today nifty prediction based on astro levels and timing.

Asian Markets Await US Inflation Data

Investors worldwide are closely monitoring the Asian markets, eagerly anticipating the release of critical inflation data from the United States. These figures hold the potential to sway market sentiment and influence trading strategies. The performance of Asian markets often serves as a precursor to broader global trends, providing essential insights for investors and traders alike.

RBI’s Repo Rate Decision

Shifting our focus to the domestic front, the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has maintained the repo rate at 6.5%. This decision bears significance as it showcases the central bank’s stance on interest rates and its efforts to manage the country’s economic landscape. The focus remains steadfast on the gradual withdrawal of accommodation, reflecting the intricate balance between fostering growth and curbing inflation.

Key Support and Resistance Levels for Nifty and banknifty

key levels nifty


Today Nifty Prediction with Intraday Timing To watch

  • Dip by 10.30am –11.30 am
  • Bounce post that expected

Analyzing Nifty’s Recent Performance with Elliott Wave Insights

Turning our attention back to the financial markets, the Nifty has been a prominent protagonist. As we discussed in earlier article “Navigating Nifty Elliott Wave Analysis” It recently scaled new heights, hitting an unprecedented peak at 19991.85, a testament to its robust upward momentum. This impressive surge marked the culmination of a resolute 3rd wave, reflecting the prevailing optimism within the market.

Subsequently, it went down a bit. This is normal and is called a “correction.” characterized as the 4th wave. This correction manifested in the form of an ABC sub-wave pattern. During this phase, the Nifty retraced by 3.48%, reaching a low of 19296.45 from its zenith. Notably, the sequence of ABC sub-waves seems to have concluded, ushering in a phase characterized by time correction.

Today nifty prediction

Current Technical Outlook

The current market landscape unfolds with two potential scenarios, each holding its implications for market participants:

Bullish Scenario

One plausible scenario envisages the emergence of a bullish Wave 5 upward movement. The initial sub wave of this sequence spanned from 19296 to 19635, and the completion of the subsequent sub Wave 2 occurred at the level of 19467. Sub wave 3 is currently underway. This scenario remains valid as long as the previous low of 19296 remains unbreached.

Correction Scenario

Alternatively, an alternate perspective posits that Wave 4 continues its evolutionary trajectory, as discernible by the intact LH-LL structure. The corrective structure, denoted as W-X-Y-X-Z, hints at the potential for a dip below the level of 19296. At present, the w-x-y progression has culminated at the 19296 threshold, while the corrective wave x is in progress on the upside. A crucial stipulation accompanies this scenario: the wave x must not breach the prior peak of 19795.60. Following the completion of wave X, a downward move for wave z becomes a possibility.

Nifty Option Chain Analysis Insights

A meticulous analysis of the option chain yields valuable insights. The 19500 put option boasts robust support, evident from its substantial open interest (OI). Conversely, the 19700 call option stands as a formidable resistance level, marked by its elevated OI. The Put-Call Ratio (PCR) stands at 1, while the maximum pain point is positioned at the 19600 mark.

Nifty’s Range Trading and Consolidation Phase

It’s important to note that a new cycle for the Nifty will commence once it breaches the top of wave B on the upside at 19795.60 or breaks the low of wave c at 19296.45. Until this occurs, the range between 19795.60 and 19296.45 should be regarded as a consolidation phase. During this phase, range trading can be employed with stop loss strategies. This dynamic suggests that support levels will experience sharp bounces, while resistance levels will encounter sharp selling pressures.


In the dynamic realm of finance, keeping abreast of market trends and adeptly interpreting technical indicators is paramount. The recent performance of the Nifty index within the Indian stock market offers a compelling narrative of upward momentum intertwined with phases of corrective consolidation. The RBI’s repo rate decision underscores the intricate balance between stimulating growth and managing inflation. For traders and investors, judiciously considering the potential scenarios outlined above is integral to making informed decisions. The option chain analysis augments the decision-making process, accentuating critical support and resistance levels. In a landscape characterized by constant flux, vigilance and adaptability remain crucial in navigating the complex intricacies of the market.

“Like waves on the shore, markets ebb and flow, and Elliott Wave theory helps us ride those currents.”


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