Navigating Nifty Elliott Wave Analysis : Insights and Strategies Aug 2023

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, understanding complex trading patterns like Elliott Waves can provide investors with valuable insights for making informed decisions. In this article, we delve into recent Nifty Elliott Wave analysis with key levels and option chain analysis, exploring its implications and potential strategies for traders. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice trader, this analysis aims to provide you with actionable information.

Key Support and Resistance Levels for Nifty and banknifty


Nifty elliott wave analysis :

Elliott Wave Overview:

Nifty, India’s leading stock market index, recently achieved an all-time high at 19991.85. This peak marked the completion of a powerful 3rd wave, highlighting the market’s upward momentum. Subsequently, a correction phase unfolded as the 4th wave, taking the form of an ABC sub-wave pattern.

nifty elliott wave analysis

Recent Developments and Corrections:

During this correction, Nifty experienced a decline of 3.48%, reaching a low of 19296.45 from its all-time high. Notably, the ABC sub-waves appear to have concluded, initiating a phase of time correction. Following this, Nifty underwent a rebound, reaching 19634 and causing an overlap with prior wave levels.

Potential Scenarios:

The current market situation presents two potential scenarios:

Bullish Scenario: The emergence of a bullish Wave 5 upward movement seems likely. Sub wave 1 of this progression extended from 19296 to 19634. Presently, Wave 2 is in progress. This scenario holds as long as the previous low of 19296 remains intact.

Correction Scenario: An alternate perspective suggests that Wave 4 is still unfolding. This could indicate a further dip below the 19296 level.

Strategies and Considerations:

Several strategies can be considered in light of this analysis:

Observing POC and High Volume Zone:

Nifty’s Point of Control (POC) stands at 19450, with a notable high volume zone spanning 19384 to 19450. This range can act as a pivotal area, guiding trading decisions.

Cautious Approaches to Trend Change: As markets transition, exercising caution is crucial. The recent 700-point correction highlights the need to adapt to changing trends. Monitoring the 19384-19450 zone becomes imperative during these shifts.

Buy on Dips Strategy:

While the market maintains stability within the 19384-19450 range, adopting a ‘buy on dips’ strategy can offer potential gains. Targets in the range of 19700 to 19750 become realistic in this context.

Option Chain Insights:

Adding depth to our analysis, let’s examine key insights from the Nifty option chain:

PCR and Market Sentiment:

The Put-Call Ratio (PCR) currently stands at around 0.71, signaling an oversold market sentiment. This ratio suggests that the market might be approaching a potential reversal or stabilization point.

Max Pain Point:

Noteworthy in the option chain is the presence of the maximum pain point at 19500. This level often holds significant importance as it reflects the point where most option holders would experience maximum loss, potentially influencing market dynamics.

Resistance and Support Levels:

Analyzing the option chain’s Open Interest (OI) reveals compelling insights. Call writers have high OI at the 19600 strike, indicating a robust resistance level. Conversely, put writers have concentrated their OI at the 19400 strike, indicating a substantial support level.


Navigating the complexities of Nifty’s Elliott Wave analysis requires a blend of technical understanding and strategic acumen. By comprehending the potential scenarios, monitoring critical levels like the POC and high volume zone, and implementing cautious strategies, traders can position themselves advantageously. Whether you choose to capitalize on a bullish Wave 5 or anticipate further corrections, this analysis equips you with actionable insights to navigate Nifty’s dynamic landscape. Remember, informed decisions are the cornerstone of successful trading.

“Elliott Waves paint a picture of market emotions – ride the waves wisely, for they carry the stories of greed and fear.”

Happy Trading !

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