BankNifty Future Live Analysis : Decoding Intraday moves with Elliott Wave and Options Data


15.45 PM: Intraday Trading Success – How I Captured a 200-Point Move in BankNifty Future

Banknifty Future

BankNifty Future Live Analysis: In the morning session, BankNifty Future exhibited a downward movement within the channel, ultimately reaching a low of 44920 through a distinct 5-sub wave pattern. Concurrently, the option data’s Put-Call Ratio (PCR) indicated an oversold condition, registering at a level of 0.70. This cautioned against taking short positions near the lower levels and instead prompted a search for potential buying opportunities within the range of 44900 to 45000.

The BankNifty Future presented precisely such live  opportunity as it broke out of the downward channel, aligning with the expected scenario. Gradually, it commenced an upward trajectory, surpassing expectations and ultimately achieving an intraday high of 45199. This move translated into a substantial gain of nearly 200 points, allowing for a successful capture of the opportunity.

15.15 PM: Banknifty Option Data Analysis

  • Bull Bear fight at psychological level 45,000.
  • Put writers trying to get control at 45000
  • Max Pain level observed at 44900 level
  • PCR at 0.80 (highly oversold)
  • In morning too we  reminded that be cautious in shorting  BankNifty Future.
  • Banknifty future made high of 45199 post low of 44920

banknifty future

15.00 PM: Banknifty Future Surges as Expected, Hitting High at 45199 and Fulfilling Second Target

Bank Nifty Futures Surges as Expected, Hitting High at 45199 and Fulfilling Second Target – Capturing an Impressive Intraday Move of Nearly 200 Points  Showcasing the Power of Elliott Wave and Option Data Analysis.

banknifty future

14.40 PM: Banknifty Future Rebound Success and Intraday Century Move

Bank Nifty Futures fulfilled expectations by rebounding and made high of 45120 (till now) and reaching the initial target near 45100. An impressive intraday century move was captured, showcasing the effectiveness of combining Elliott Wave analysis with option data analysis.

Banknifty future

13.40 PM: Banknifty Future bounced as expected

Bank Nifty Futures formed a low at 44920, exhibiting completion of intraday 5 sub-waves within the channel. The breakout from the channel has triggered a buy signal, further supported by an oversold PCR (Put-Call Ratio). This development strengthens the anticipation of 5 impulsive sub-waves on the upside for intraday.

banknifty future

12.15 PM: Banknifty Future Live analysis-expected to bounce

Banknifty future seems completed 5 wave down and break out of triangle cum channel will initiate buy signal near 45000 level with SL OF 44900

Banknifty future

11.00 AM: Banknifty Oversold

  • Bull Bear fight at psychological level 45,000.
  • Call writers too became aggressive at  45,000 and 45,200 level.
  • Max Pain level observed at 45000 level
  • PCR at 0.69 (highly oversold)
  • Data Suggest be cautious in shorting  BankNifty Future.

Banknifty Future

10.07 AM: Banknifty Option Data Analysis

  • Put writers established strong support at 45,000.
  • Call writers too became aggressive at  45,200 and 45,300 level.
  • Max Pain level observed at 45000 level
  • PCR at 0.90
  • Data Suggest side ways market for BankNifty Future.

Banknifty Future

Risk Management:

Remember, no analysis is foolproof, and risk management is paramount. Ensure you set appropriate stop-loss levels and adjust your position size based on your risk tolerance and trading strategy. Always trade with discipline and adhere to your predetermined trading plan.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this analysis is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Trading in financial markets involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always conduct your own research and seek professional guidance when making investment decisions.

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