Banknifty Future and options live update 10th July 2023

Banknifty Future and options live update 10th July 2023

Join us on 10th July 2023 for a live update on Banknifty future and options . Experience real-time analysis of market chart patterns, Elliott Waves, and option data analysis. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learning live market.

15.30 PM: Mastering Intraday Trading: Capturing a 100+ Point Move with Elliott Wave , Option Data Analysis and volume profile

The Perfect Entry Point and Volume Profile Confirmation:

The perfect confluence of factors unfolded when BankNifty Future dipped near the golden Fibonacci level of 1.618% retracement, reaching a low of 44828. This presented an ideal opportunity for a long entry, confirmed further by the notable increase in volume near the retracement level as observed in the volume profile analysis and at the same time PCR highly oversold. This confirmation bolstered our confidence in the potential success of the trade.

Banknifty complete analysis

Lessons Learned and Final Thoughts:

By honing your skills, staying disciplined, and utilizing the insights offered by Elliott Wave and option data analysis, you can unlock the true potential of intraday trading. Embrace the journey, master your approach, and watch as the market rewards your efforts. Let us know your views by commenting or reaching us via contact form.

14.10 PM: Banknifty Future Surges as Expected, Hitting High at 45008 and Fulfilling First Target

“The stock market is a dynamic arena where opportunities arise and disappear swiftly. Successful trading is a combination of skill, strategy, and being at the right place at the right time”

Banknifty future wave

13.30 PM: Banknifty Future Surges as Expected, Hitting High at 45000 and Fulfilling First Target

Bank Nifty Future Surges as Anticipated, Achieving the First Target at 44970 and Progressing Towards the Second , made high till now near 45000 Capturing Over 100 Points in Intraday Trading. Discover the Power of Elliott Wave and Option Data Analysis in our Live Update Sessions. Don’t Miss Out an Opportunities to Learn and Stay Informed.

 Banknifty future intradaycentury


12.50 PM: Banknifty Future 1min elliott wave count

BankNifty Future : 1-Minute Chart Analysis Indicates Completion of 5-Wave Down, Anticipating a Potential Bounce. Currently, the Price has Reached a High of 44,935 after Hitting a Low of 44,825

banknifty future EW


12.15 PM: Banknifty Future expected to bounce

banknifty future entry

11.40 AM: Banknifty highly Oversold

  • Bull Bear fight at psychological level 45,000.
  • call writers looks aggressive at & above 45000 level
  • Put writers are at  44,800 and below level.
  • Max Pain level observed at 44900 level
  • PCR at 0.71 (highly oversold)
  • Data Suggest be cautious in shorting  BankNifty Future at lower levels

Banknifty options at 11.4 am oversold

11.10 AM: Banknifty Oversold

  • Bull Bear fight at psychological level 45,000.
  • Put writers still holding control at 45000 level
  • Call writers too became at  45,200 level.
  • Max Pain level observed at 45000 level
  • PCR at 0.81 (oversold)
  • Data Suggest be cautious in shorting  BankNifty Future at lower levels

Banknifty options oversold 10 july

10.45 AM : Waiting for Banknifty future buy on dip

Banknifty future 1 min chart

09.50 AM : Banknifty spot moving in downward channel in 15 MIN

  • Banknifty future moving in downward channel
  • POC (power of control) at  45135 level for spot rate and 45270 for Futures
  • channel resistance cum golden fibonacci retracement 61.8% zone is 45200 to 45300 zone spot rate.
  • channel resistance cum golden fibonacci retracement 61.8% zone is 45270 to 45300 zone for banknifty future

Banknifty future 15min chart:

banknifty future 10am

Banknifty spot chart: 

Banknifty future 15min

To view today’s Prediction view here

09.20 AM : Banknifty Future last week performance based on Elliott wave cum Option analysis

Banknifty Future Last Week LRHR TRADES based on Elliott Wave combined with Option Analysis.

Banknifty future weekly performance

Risk Management:

Remember, no analysis is foolproof, and risk management is paramount. Ensure you set appropriate stop-loss levels and adjust your position size based on your risk tolerance and trading strategy. Always trade with discipline and adhere to your predetermined trading plan.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this analysis is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Trading in financial markets involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always conduct your own research and seek professional guidance when making investment decisions.

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