Bank Nifty Prediction for Today: Expert Analysis and 5th Wave Insights – Don’t Miss Out!

In this article, we will delve into the Bank Nifty prediction for today, employing the powerful tools of Elliott Wave Theory and chart patterns.  We will provide you with valuable insights into the current market situation and potential trends to help you make informed decisions. Let’s embark on this journey of analysis and discovery together!

Triangle Pattern Breakout

bnf 20 july

In our previous post we clearly written that , one leg of upside movement is still pending for the Bank Nifty and it should breakout from the triangle. you can go through the post “Bank Nifty’s All-Time High : Is the Bullish Trend Matured?”

Notably, we have seen a breakout from a triangle pattern, which is a positive sign. Post-breakout, the Bank Nifty made a high near 45707. However, we should remain cautious at higher levels, as the last wave in any trend can be tricky.

Bank Nifty Trend Direction and Retailer Traps

During the last wave of a trend, the direction of the market tends to change, and big players often attempt to trap retailers before initiating a fresh trend. It is crucial to exercise risk management and adhere to proper stop-loss strategies during such times to protect your investments.

Yesterday was a narrow range day, indicating limited price movement. However, we can anticipate trending days ahead, either today or tomorrow. Traders and investors should be prepared for potential shifts in market direction.

Bank Nifty Prediction for Today : 15 min Chart Analysis

bnk 15 min 20 july 2023

According to the chart, the 5th wave is currently in progress. On the 15-minute chart, it appears that we have completed sub-wave 4 of 5 around 45281, and the 5th sub-wave is now unfolding. This final wave might exhibit an ending diagonal pattern. In light of this analysis, it is likely that the Bank Nifty will re-test the 45900-46000 levels at least once more. Within 5th wave sub wave (i) and (ii) completed and wave (iii) is in progress

Mysteries of Wave 5: The Final Leg in Elliott Wave Theory

In the realm of Elliott Wave Theory, Wave 5 stands as the ultimate phase of the dominant trend. It’s a captivating moment when the news brims with positivity, and everyone is brimming with bullish sentiments. However, this euphoria often entices many average investors to join the market, unfortunately, just before it reaches its peak. During Wave 5, the volume typically subsides compared to Wave 3, and various momentum indicators start showing divergences – prices might reach new highs, but the indicators fail to keep pace.

wave 5

Wave 5 may lack the fervor and strength witnessed during the Wave 3 rally. Unlike the widespread participation in Wave 3, the advancement in Wave 5 is often driven by a smaller group of traders. While prices may scale new heights beyond the peak of Wave 3, the power and strength behind this progression are considerably diminished when compared to the Wave 3 surge.


In conclusion, the Bank Nifty prediction for today’s 30-minute chart suggests that we are in the midst of the 5th wave, with sub-wave 5 underway. As traders and investors, we should remain cautious at higher levels, especially during the tricky last wave. Be vigilant and implement risk management practices with appropriate stop-loss mechanisms.

Remember, the market is always subject to uncertainties, and while technical analysis can provide valuable insights, it’s essential to combine it with other factors when making financial decisions. Use this information wisely and stay updated with real-time market developments to achieve successful trading outcomes.

Investing and trading come with inherent risks, and it’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor before making significant investment decisions. Wishing you profitable trading days ahead!

Happy Trading.

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