Bank nifty live futures 14 July 2023

15:30 PM : bank nifty live futures

Trading on short-term charts, such as bank nifty live futures in the 1-minute timeframe, is characterized by high dynamism and fast-paced price action. To navigate this environment successfully, traders must exercise discipline, maintain focus, and possess the ability to make quick decisions while effectively managing risks.

The market moves in wave patterns, consisting of two types of moves: price and time. An impulse move occurs when price moves rapidly, outpacing the passage of time. These moves often present significant trading opportunities, but they require swift execution and careful risk management.

On the other hand, corrective moves occur when price consolidates or moves sideways, while time continues to pass. During such periods, it is crucial for intraday traders to protect their profits with a trailing stop loss (TSL), particularly after 2:30 pm. This is because profit booking tends to follow in the final hours of trading as traders close their positions before the market closes.

By recognizing these characteristics and implementing appropriate risk management strategies, intraday traders can navigate the fast-paced nature of short-term charts and optimize their profitability. It is essential to remain vigilant and adaptable to changing market conditions throughout the trading session.

“Learn from your trades.” – Every trade offers an opportunity to learn and improve. Keep a trading journal to record your trades, including entry and exit points, rationale, and outcomes. Regularly review and analyze your trades to identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement.

14:55 PM : bank nifty live futures made low 44674..

Bank nifty live futures recently reached a low around 44,674, and the decline has been relatively gradual and slow. It is advisable to consider booking partial profits at this level. For the remaining position, it is recommended to trail the stop loss (TSL) with the cost of the trade (COTC). This approach helps protect profits and allows for potential further gains if the price continues to move favorably. Implementing a trailing stop loss helps manage risk and secure profits as the market progresses.

14:00 PM : bank nifty live futures made low 44676.. 1min chart

bnf 2 pm 14 july 202

13:45 PM : bank nifty live futures 30 min chart

BankNifty futures are currently approaching a crucial level, the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), located at 44,770. If the price breaks below this level, it may indicate a bearish sentiment and potentially lead to a further decline. In such a scenario, the next support level to watch would be around 44,500.

BNF 30 min 14 july 2023

12:00 PM : bank nifty live futures short triggered@44750 with sl 44860

10:00 AM : Bank nifty live options analysis

Call writers are showing a strong interest in protecting the 45000 level, as indicated by their high open interest. An interesting development to note is the emergence of a significant open interest among call writers at the 45500 level, which corresponds to the max pain level. This situation raises the question of whether this could be a potential hint at an ongoing correction that may conclude in the near future

Bank nifty option 14 july 2023

Bank nifty Spot Price Forecast and EOD Analysis :

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Risk Management:

Remember, no analysis is foolproof, and risk management is paramount. Ensure you set appropriate stop-loss levels and adjust your position size based on your risk tolerance and trading strategy. Always trade with discipline and adhere to your predetermined trading plan.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this analysis is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Trading in financial markets involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always conduct your own research and seek professional guidance when making investment decisions.

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