Bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 : A Day of Narrow Trading

15.30 PM : Bank Nifty Futures: A Day of Narrow Trading and met our targets.

The Bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 traded within an extremely narrow range of 45500 to 45700, making it a day where option writers profited from the premium. The 45700 level acted as a significant hurdle, being the golden fib 61.8% level, which is typically respected by the market. Our outlook for the day was bullish, and the market did initially move up with a gap-up opening. However, the sideways trading persisted, leading to hitting our stoploss once. Nevertheless, on the second attempt, it successfully reached both our target 1 and target 2 by making intraday high of 45749. The market moved as anticipated, albeit slightly slower than expected.

bnf 19 july 2023 15.30pm

15.25PM : Bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 made high 45749.

Elliott Wave analysis empowers traders with a fearless approach, acting as the GPS of the market, effectively managing the risk-reward ratio. You may like to see Trade History based on wave analysis and option chain analysis.

bnf 19 july 2023 3pm

13.05 PM : bank nifty futures again retest near 45700

Bank Nifty’s future is presently in its final wave, caught within an exceptionally tight trading range. Sideways markets with such narrow ranges carry a higher risk of hitting stop-loss levels. Initially, our expectation was for an upward movement, leading us to re-enter the trade upon a channel breakout, successfully meeting our first target. During the last wave, traders must exercise extra caution when booking profits. Implementing a trailing stop-loss after partial profit booking can be a prudent approach.

bnf 13 pm 19 july

12.10 PM : bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 –

A fresh buying opportunity will arise once the banknifty future breaks out of channel above 45610, as it is currently confined within a narrow range of 45500 to 45700.

bnf 3 min 19 july

10.30 AM : bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 – made high 45700

banknifty future buy 19 july 2023

9.55 AM : bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 – buy entry triggered at 45620–625 with SL OF 45500

9.50 AM : bank nifty futures live 19 July 2023 – 1 min chart with wave count

We are patiently waiting for buy entry to trigger with bullish candle confirmation either on breaking of trendline or  near retest of channel.

Banknifty future 1 min 19 july 2023

Bank Nifty Spot Price Forecast and End-of-Day (EOD) Analysis:

For your convenience, we invite you to peruse our comprehensive article entitled “Bank Nifty’s All-Time High : Is the Bullish Trend Matured? “  Within this piece, we conduct a detailed analysis of the Bank Nifty’s Elliott Wave patterns, spanning from higher time frames to lower time frames. The Elliott Wave theory serves as a reliable guide in navigating the market, offering crucial signals to traders, indicating when a cautious approach is prudent.

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