Bank nifty futures 31 July 2023 Live

15.30PM : Bank nifty futures 31 July 2023 Live


The Bank Nifty future showed resilience as it did not sustain below the critical level of 45820. Instead, it remained subdued within a narrow range of 50 points. Due to this consolidation, no fresh entry signals were triggered during this period.

14.10PM : Banknifty Future below 45820 weak

In morning EOD post on banknifty spot we clearly reminded that bulls will have power only if they sustain and close above 45720. Till than every rise will get sell off pressure.

Banknifty future now trading near 45820.. Below this level it is weak.

13.40PM : Banknifty Future made low 45705

Banknifty future made low 45705  and now trading near 45820.. Below this level it is weak.

12.00PM : Banknifty Future entry triggered

Bank nifty futures 31 July 2023 Live : will be weak below 45820… short entry triggered 45750 with sl 45820

Bank nifty spot prediction for 31 July 2023

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We have given roadmap of banknifty with key resistance and support by using elliott wave analysis and fibonacci retracement.

Risk Management:

Implementing effective risk management strategies is crucial in navigating the financial markets, especially during critical phases like Bank Nifty’s all-time high. Proper stop-loss orders, diversification, and disciplined trading can safeguard investments and improve long-term success.


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