Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live : Bazigaar Super move 200+ captured

15:30PM : Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live : 240+ points move captured

bnf 23 july 2023 3 pm

In the morning session, the Bank Nifty future experienced a decline, but we refrained from taking a short position due to its proximity to the channel support and the belief that it was the last leg of the corrective wave Z, with an oversold Put-Call Ratio (PCR). At one point, our stop loss was triggered when the BankNifty future briefly broke the channel. However, thanks to effective risk management, we were not overly concerned about this loss.

We patiently waited for a re-entry, confident in our analysis based on Elliott wave theory and option data. When the BankNifty future reached a low near 45650 and then bounced back to the 38% Fibonacci and POC confluence level around 45720-45740, we recognized this as a low-risk entry point for a potential big move.

Our expectations proved right, as the BankNifty future surged to a high of 45968.60 during intraday, resulting in a substantial gain of over 240 points.

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14:45PM : Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live : 2nd target met

The BankNifty future reached a high of 45918, which is close to our second target. This move resulted in an intraday gain of over 190 points. However, it is currently facing resistance at the intraday Point of Control (POC) level, which is at 45910.

14:30PM : Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live : 1st target met

Banknifty future  channel was briefly interrupted but managed to find support near the 38% Fibonacci confluence with the Point of Control (POC) at 45720 to 740. Additionally wave y = wave z done and coming back into the channel and sustaining above 45800 will give more strength to bulls

bnf 25 july 2023 2.30pm

13:50PM : Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live : buy

Low risk buy entry near 38% coinciding with the Power of Control (POC) at 45740–45720.

13:40PM : Bank nifty futures near 38% fibonacci

Banknifty future is currently trading close to a significant Fibonacci level 38% coinciding with the Power of Control (POC) at 45740–45720. The market has the potential to bounce if it manages to sustain this crucial level. Moreover, the PCR (Put/Call Ratio) stands at 0.60, indicating a highly oversold condition, further adding to be cautious at lower levels.

13:00PM : Bank nifty futures Consolidation W-X-Y-X-Z Wave

Bank nifty futures beautifully consolidating inside the channel in form of w-x-y-x-z wave.. currently bouncing from channel support

11:15AM : Bank nifty Futures 25 July 2023 Live : buy

Bank nifty futures buy triggered near 45900 – 45870 With SL 45770

11:15AM : Bank nifty Option Data Analysis

  • Banknifty option data analysis shows high OI at 46000, with call writers acting as resistance.
  • Put writers are providing support near 45700 and 45500 levels.
  • Call writers are dominating the morning session.
  • The PCR (Put/Call Ratio) is near 0.72, indicating an oversold condition.
  • Based on the oversold condition, a bounce in prices can be expected soon.

10:25AM : Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live 1 min Chart

Bank nifty future completed a consolidating wave WXY, covering the range from 46360 to 45863, resulting in a retracement of approximately 500 points on the downside. This consolidation represented nearly 50% of the impulse wave that started from the all-time high of 45362 to 46356. Currently, the market is experiencing a bull-bear tussle near the psychological level of 46000. If Bank nifty future manages to hold above the psychological level, it is anticipated to make another upward move towards 46200. Traders are patiently awaiting a dip in prices to consider potential buying opportunities.

Bank nifty futures 25 July 2023 Live 10 AM

Risk Management:

Implementing effective risk management strategies is crucial in navigating the financial markets, especially during critical phases like Bank Nifty’s all-time high. Proper stop-loss orders, diversification, and disciplined trading can safeguard investments and improve long-term success.


The information in this article is for general informational purposes only and not financial advice. Trading involves risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Readers should conduct their research and seek professional advice before making financial decisions. Trade responsibly.

Happy Trading !

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