Bank nifty futures 20 July 2023 Live : 300+ points Super rally captured

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bnf 20 july2023 all time high

15.00 PM : Empowering Traders: Fearless Market Navigation with Elliott Wave Analysis

Today Bank Nifty futures as it surged to an all-time high of 46181.60 and Elliott Wave theory was capable of predicting and analyzing upcoming move in the market. This theory successfully identify Low Risk High Reward (LRHR) Trades.  Elliott Wave analysis is a powerful tool that equips traders with the confidence to navigate the market fearlessly. It serves as a reliable GPS, guiding traders through the ups and downs, and effectively managing the risk-reward ratio.  you may like to see trade history based on wave analysis and option chain analysis.

14.15 PM : Bank nifty futures 20 July 2023 Live : 300+ points rally captured

Today was an extraordinary day for Bank Nifty futures as it surged to an all-time high of 46131 till now! Over the past few days, we’ve been anticipating another upward movement, and our intuition proved right. This morning, when the market broke out of the triangular pattern with strong Fibonacci support, we saw a golden opportunity to enter a long position. The result was remarkable, as we captured a thrilling intraday rally of over 300 points!

BNF 20 JULY 2023 2.15PM

13.40PM : Banknifty futures nearly 200 points move

banknifty 200 points move 20 july 2023

Bank Nifty futures reached a high of 45983, providing an opportunity to capture nearly 200 point move. The breakout from the triangle pattern, coupled with support from the golden Fibonacci level, offered an excellent buying opportunity for intraday traders. This move allowed traders to capitalize on the upward momentum and make profitable trades during the session.

13.25PM : Banknifty futures caputured 150+ move

bnf 20 july 2023 1.30pm

12.30PM : Banknifty future  3 min chart

banknifty future 20 july 2023 12.30pm

The Bank Nifty futures are currently experiencing a gradual and slow upward movement, following the breakout from the triangle pattern. The slow pace is typical of the 5th wave in Elliott Wave Theory, as this wave tends to mature slowly. Despite the slow momentum, there are no apparent signs of weakness in the trend, and the market is moving within an upward channel.

12.15PM: Bank nifty futures 20 July 2023 Live triangle breakout

Bank nifty futures buy triggered on breaking of the triangle.. buy near 45800-45770 with sl 45690

11.40AM: Bank nifty futures 20 July 2023 Live

banknifty future live 20 july 2023 3 min chart

In the morning session, Bank Nifty futures found support near the significant golden Fibonacci level around 45700 and are currently trading within a triangle pattern. The momentum is notably slow, so it is essential to exercise extra caution while trading in this last wave. Typically, 3rd waves are known for their significant power and impact on the market. At present, we are in sub wave 3 of 5, and there is an expectation that this 5th wave will surpass the all-time high before initiating any downward movement. Traders should closely monitor the market and be prepared for potential changes in direction as the 5th wave unfolds.

Bank Nifty Spot Price Forecast and End-of-Day (EOD) Analysis:

You may like to read our article “Bank Nifty Prediction for Today: Expert Analysis and 5th Wave Insights – Don’t Miss Out!” where we have discussed in detail wave 5 complexity and structure. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive analysis of the Bank Nifty’s Elliott Wave patterns, examining both higher and lower time frames. The Elliott Wave theory acts as a valuable compass, providing essential signals to traders, guiding them on when to exercise caution and prudence in the market

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